An Important Message

From Reiki Master Ranae Ford

I am so blessed with my business and my clients and I truly love what I do.  

As my business evolves and the demands on me increase from the ever-growing volume of clients and energy, 

I have decided to implement some very important and needed changes that will bring more balance and better focus for me to be my best for each one of you.

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I have been given a gift.  Four years ago I decided to open Intuitive Essentials as a place where people would come to find healing and centering - and the response has been overwhelming.  However, as my business grows in volume, my resources and personal time have suffered and the rates I have been offering are no longer sustainable.

Having said that - I truly love my job, I truly love my clients and I love the changes I am able to make in people so my rate increase is going to be very reasonable and remain there for at least another six months.

I have also made many other changes to my business in order to balance my personal life and gain the time needed to accomplish some very important personal and spiritual goals.

For the past three years I have been scheduling myself an average of 12 hour days and my usual schedule sees me leaving my home at 7:45 a.m. and not returning until late in the evening.  The energy that my clients and I have built continues to increase and demand more of me physically and spiritually and I find myself exhausted upon my return home and this has caused lack of balance in my personal life.

So I have changed my schedule to allow me 1.5 days off per week, allow breaks between clients so I can re center and give me time to manage other areas of my business.  I am also hoping to find a way to curve the high amount of cancelled or postponed appointments so my time is used more efficiently to heal and those that may need my help will be able to know if my schedule is available.

As of 2/21/19 I will require all appointments to be booked through my web site -  and paid for in advance.  I have increased my rates from $35 for a Reiki treatment, to $47.50 (still very reasonable) and I will no longer be able to extend the time at no additional cost as I have been doing.