What are we talking about?

 ASMR has been known to have some application in the treatment of insomnia for some people, and research will be needed to see if and for whom it is actually effective.  In the meantime, some people really enjoy these videos and find them helpful in easing their stress and promoting sleep. Of course, not everyone finds ASMR tingling and relaxing. In fact, as I noted, some people experience it as “creepy” or unpleasant. Similarly, there is another kind of sensory experience in which certain sounds that are benign to most people evoke powerful negative emotions such as disgust and anger in others. These strong negative responses can cause serious difficulties for some people and comprise a disorder known as misophonia. Misophonia is a relatively rare disorder that afflicts certain people and makes particular sounds, such as chewing and drinking, nearly unbearable. It is an open question as to why some people have this kind of response to some of the same sounds that people who experience ASMR find calming, tingling, and pleasant. What is it about these sounds that can trigger such different reactions in people? I will be discussing this in the next post.