What is deep tissue massage?

Deep-tissue massage is utilized for “body repair,” focusing on the deep layers of muscle, tendons, and fascia in the body. This is done by using deep finger pressure as well as slow strokes and firm pressure to address deep, muscle-specific work and long term stress. 

Primary advantages of a deep tissue massage:

1. Stress Relief.

Deep-tissue massage can increase the body’s level of serotonin, promoting happiness. This form of massage can also increase production of oxytocin, relaxing the body.

2. Pain Management.

 Deep-tissue massage can help manage pain associated with many conditions including fibromyalgia and low-back pain. Deep-tissue massage increases blood flow through the body reducing inflammation related pain.

3. Break up Scar Tissue.

Deep-tissue massage can resolve scarring of damaged muscles, ligaments, or tendons promoting greater flexibility and range of motion.

4. Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.

5. Improve Athletic Recovery and Performance.

Deep-tissue massage can improve delayed onset of muscle soreness and fatigue, can help prevent injury, and can help treat an injury.


What Ranae brings to the "table"

A massage by Ranae adds an additional level of care and healing like you have never felt before.

Her clients have returned to her for over five years to experience the difference between a "spa massage" and a massage by a certified and gifted healer.