Reiki Master - Ranae Ford

About Ranae

Ms. Ford has been called one of Albuquerque's great Reiki "healers" - her clients of many years, the therapists that refer patients to her and those in her own Raiki community say she has "The Gift"

Hi, I am Ranae, please call me and let's talk about your needs and your healing expectations.  I am glad to meet with you for a consultation at my office or we can talk on the phone.  I look forward to helping you find your balance and re organize your energy.

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Ranae Ford is also an accomplished writer that heals through her meaningful and honest observations about her life and those things and people dear to her

My Vision

Our society is becoming more and more entangled in anger, stress, trauma, abuse and pain - and that is unfortunate.  What is even more unfortunate, is that our society looks at these conditions as weaknesses and doesn't really address their treatment or origin and try to enhance people's futures.

I have been given a gift to be able to tap into people's energy and their most inner feelings and then provide healing for them.  This is not something I take lightly and a great cause of constant thought and  reflection.

But there are many other great healers and resources in our community and my vision is to one day be able to bring them all under one roof and create a "Healing Center" where people can come and do the work needed to really move forward.

Reiki, Massages, Personal therapy, physical therapy, EFT, healing group forums, speakers, personal support, addiction treatment, parenting counseling and so much more.

A "heaven" for so many people that have been victims of abuse or trauma either emotional or physical.


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